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We can solve your Roof's leaking problems !
Saves you thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and energy costs !

RSI has over 35 years and millions of square feet of roofing installation experience.

We specialize in the application of spray applied polyurethane foam roofing for commercial and industrial - whether new, retrofits, or maintenance programs. We solve your problems using the BASF Silicone Roofing System, which incorporates the BASF Silicone Roof Coatings.

BASF approved applicators are very highly trained. We are continually quality-rated for our application expertise and customer service focus.

High-performance, Seamless Roofing Solutions for Long-TermArchitect, Owner and Tenant Satisfaction.

BASF/Polyurethane foam roofing system
- Combines high insulation value with out standing weather resistance.
- Forms seamless, self-flashing seal with no penetrating mechanical fasteners.
- Resists weather, oxidation, rain, snow, UV radiation, ozone, and many chemicals.
- Remains flexible over wide temperature range.
- Weighs less then one pound per square foot.
- Minor repairs can be made with a caulking gun.

"SPF may be one of the most sustainable roofing systems to date." Rene Dupuis, Structural Research Inc., Contributing Editor to the RSI magezine.

BASF Polyurethane foam roofing system provides a triple layer of protection for buildings. It consists of two layers of tough, spray-applied silicone coating on top of a layer of BASF rigid polyurethane insulation. Silicone roof Coating resists weathering, oxidation, wind-driven rain, snow, the effects of ultraviolet radiation and temperature extremes for years.

The Silicone Difference
Built-up roofs and single-ply membrane systems are composed of organic materials, while the topcoat of the BASF/Polyurethane foam-roofing system is inorganic silicone. It may seem a small point, but decades of industry research indicates otherwise:

- Silicones perform better, longer than most organic materials through all kinds of weather.
- Silicones maintain their physical properties and remain flexible over wide temperature ranges.
- Silicones do not become stiff, brittle, crack, craze, and will not revert over time and weathering.

Energy Effciency and Low Maintenance
Spray-applied rigid polyurethane from BASF is among the most efficient of all roofing insulation materials. The reflective surface of the Silicone Roof Coating works with the insulation to reduce building energy consumption needs.

Energy saveings and Payback
In the 1980's , a Texas university built or rennovated 27 buildings with the sprayed-on polyurethane-insulated roofs. Their reseach found that their discounted payback from energy savings alone was four and one-half years. In 1990, a Michigan automaker had about 900,000-square-feet of plant and administration buildings re-roofed with silicone roof systems. At the plant site alone, they reported annual energy savings of more then 50 percent over their old built-up roof system.

The Sustainable Roofing Choice
When a conventional roof's warranty has expired and it needs major work, typically it must be torn off and new roof installed, but expensive total removal and replacement costs can be avoided with the BASF Silicone/Polyurethane foam roofing system. It's unique, because it is sustainable for years of extended roof performance.

Seams and Fasteners
A typical 45,000-square-foot single-ply roof can use 20,000 or more penetrating fasteners. Assuming standerd six-foot widths, the same roof could have up to 9,000 feet of seams. Every fastener and every inch of seam are potential trouble spots. Weather is relentless, and water will find ways around the most advanced solutions. In other words, the only reliable solution is a fastener-free, seamless BASF/Dow Corning Silicone/Polyurethane foam roofing system.

Approvals and Industry Code Compliance
BASF/Polyurethane foam roofing system has received a variety of fire, wind uplift and hail resistance approvals. It is Underwriters Laboratory classified Class "A" (over noncombustible decks, up to unlimited slope) and Factory Mutual FM 4470 Class I approved, including 1-90 up to 1-180 wind uplift ratings and sever hail resistance test approved. The BASF Silicone/Polyurethane foam roofing system also meets the standards of the Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI), Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCA) and International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO).

How the silicone/polyurethane roof coating is used with the BASF system.

"SPF roofs installed by Alpha contractor have the greatest documented performance of any roof system in the U.S.." Dr. Dean Kashiwagi of the Del Webb School of constuction at Arizona State University

BASF is a partner with EPA ENERGY STAR Roof Products Program.

Whether you are planning new construction, designing a reroofing project, or looking for efficient, cost-effective insulation, consider a Polyurethane Foam Roofing System.